zaterdag 11 januari 2014

Evelyn Palmer

Hoewel Theo van Baaren publicitair het meest naar voren komt, is het belang van Gertrude Pape voor de surrealistische impuls aan De Schone Zakdoek niet te onderschatten.  Hengelen naar waardering van buiten voor haar werk heeft ze echter nooit gedaan.
Zo blijkt bijvoorbeeld uit het publiceren van een dichtbundel, voorjaar 1944, in het engels onder pseudoniem.
‘Verses by a Female Robinson Crusoe’ werd in de Schildpadreeks van uitgever (en medewerker aan De Schone Zakdoek) Jaap Romijn uitgebracht en illegaal gedrukt door Jan Hendriks aan de Utrechtse Van Asch Van Wijckskade. Gertrude Pape heet voor de gelegenheid ‘Evelyn Palmer’.

Uit het boek:


The unforeseen full moon, in fear
Stays cloudily hidden, imbued
With shyness of the many-hued
And iridescent sea; too clear
A mirror for the bright and crude.
The hurried order of the year,
Ever an echo clanging near
The labyrinth of solitude,
Confuses by too quick a tread
The outward passage of the mind
And by perverted instinct led
I still in anguish seek to find
That which I thought, when first I fled,
Forever to have left behind.

 Reduced to pure essentials, to live
Uncrowded on an island, never know
The uniform disheartening and slow
Coagulation, the sedative
Administered by Mars, that none may sow
Sedition against his rule, or give
A sudden turn to his bold narrative
Enlivened as before with blood's bright flow;
Escaped from that stultifying press
To lie abroad in never-ending calm
Is to hold Fortune by that foremost tress
Which but once miss'd no more invites the palm.
Such lot is mine; nor could another guess
My soul's delight, secure from worldly harm.

 By Nature favoured, though by Man forgot,
I am secure from ev'ry Enmity.
Blue indolence, the wet immensity
Has spread a languid arm about me, shot
With dancing fire, reflected sky to sea.
Whether I labour, or lazily plot
New thoughts, Earth's gentle care forsakes me not;
Soft cooings overhead accompany
My unprescribèd steps, voiced interest
Now focussed on me by my universe:
For here at last in very truth I rest
Clasped to a tender and infinite nurse,
Feeding at leisure upon that very breast
That Faustus cried for in his bitter curse.

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  1. Dag Albo: Volgens Simoni's Publish and be Free, p. 17, is het gedrukt door J.R. van Rossum. Wie heeft er gelijk?